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Cancer ring

Rs. 8,800.00

The symbol for Cancer represents crab’s claws, that don’t easily let go of things that take a grip on, alluding to Cancer's determination. Another interpretation of this symbol states that two circles  represent the Sun and the Earth, connected by two arches of crescent moons, an illustration of a natural balance of the Universe.

This piece is particularly powerful for those born under the house of Cancer, as pearls are aligned with this Zodiac sign and often believed to bring the wearer love, luck, wisdom and peace.

MISHO's Cancer ring is handcrafted in sterling silver with a Keishi pearl. 

Note: Due to the natural nature of pearls, each piece is unique and will vary in size and form.
Please note, the ring you will receive will not be exactly as pictured in the product shot since each Keishi pearl is different. The sterling silver detail of the zodiac symbol will be exactly as shown in the image.