Kod Kaddu Bracelet

Colour: Dark Green

Handcrafted in 22k gold plated bronze the Kod Kaddu bracelet is a reinterpretation of the tribal anklet worn by the women of Araku, inspired by its form and the textural details, the colours of bracelet are inspired by the Araku Valley, the dark green forests, the red coffee cherries and crisp blue skies. A tribute to the tribeswomen behind Araku Coffee, the piece is an attempt to bring beautiful heritage jewellery into the contemporary era. 

Named after Araku, the region that inspired it, this collection is full of some of the most meaningful pieces I’ve designed. The inspiration came from my experience of the coffee plantation of Araku valley in the Eastern Ghats of India.

There, I witnessed a story of transformation, progress and prosperity like I had never experienced before. A story of how a collective of tribal farmers put India on the global coffee map.

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Made in 22k gold plated bronze and tribal beads.

Measure your wrist circumference



Measuring tape method
  1.       Wrap the measuring tape around your wrist just above the wrist bone.
  2.       Note down the measurement of your wrist
  3.       Use the below chart to determine your ring size.

XS 5.5" - 5.9" 140-150
S 5.9" - 6.3" 150-160
M 6.3" - 6.6" 160-170
L 6.6" - 7.0" 170-180


XS 6.1" - 6.5" 155-165
S 6.5" - 6.9" 165-175
M 6.9" - 7.3" 175-185
L 7.3" - 7.6" 185-195

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