Pebble Drop Necklaces


Handcrafted in 22k gold plated bronze, the set of two necklaces, one a tight choker, the other a longer chain and pendant are inspired by the forms of pebbles.


'...a restless wind swallowed the cliffs and parted the clouds just enough for a a flare of sunlight; it flashed off the white shore and for a moment the world was golden.'

For this collection, we returned to the landscape that played our muse, the collection draws inspiration from the forms, colours and light that are forever trapped between land and sea.

Pebbles that have natural holes in them are traditionally said to be lucky and were used to cast off the evil eye. In ancient times, they were believed to be magic devices that protected both man and beast and often called witch-stone, or adder-stones.

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Made in 22k gold plated bronze.

Necklace 1:
Dimensions: 30cm.

Necklace 2:
Dimensions: 75cm.

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