#endcolorism Necklace (MISHO x DIIPA)


Influencer and activist Diipa Khosla along with her charity Post For Change is dedicated to working on causes that dictate a positive direction for this world. We are proud to announce that this year, MISHO has created a piece of jewellery to support Post For Change's campaign to #endcolorism. 

Inclusivity and beauty beyond colour is at the heart of the campaign.

Skin colour bias has spawned a multibillion dollar industry and has become a cultural obsession. Colour prejudice is widespread and has affected our everyday lives. ‘Dark skinned’ has often come to be stigmatised as inferior, less beautiful and less successful.

Together with Post for Change we have pledged to question traditional beauty standards and embrace the world’s beautiful colour palate be it dark or light. We are proud to present the ‘#endcolourism’ necklace designed by MISHO.

100% of the proceeds from sales of the necklace will be donated to Post For Change whose work in the field of women’s rights along with NGO’s like Unicef and Un Women has been instrumental in India.

While attitudes have started to change, the battle against the age old stigma is far from won. Please join us by purchasing the #endcolourism necklace and wearing it proudly to help raise funds and awareness to conquer the fight against colourism!

Material: 22k gold plated brass, faux leather 

Free shipping worldwide on orders over US$250. For more info click here.

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