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'Dewdrops filled with moonlight fell from the sky and were swallowed by the sea,' whispered my mother when I asked about the pearls in her necklace. An old Indian tale about the creation of pearls found in folklores and myths about the heavens, the Earth and everything in between. 

From celestial dew to Aphrodites tears of joy, believed to have been created by lightning and thunder over the ocean or deep within the dragons head and then hidden away between its teeth. The tales behind pearls are as unique as their forms. MISHO’s new collection Mythologies explores the tales, the myths and the forms of the pearl.

The pearls from my mother’s treasured necklace and tales she told become the inspiration and forms around which Mythologies was created. Individual pearls from her necklace were cast to create the forms of gold pearls that become the centre of the collection, then juxtaposed with fresh water baroque pearls and sculpted forms of molten metal.