Beach Please Pods


MISHO's Convertible Beach Please Pods, for when you're stuck in the city, but your soul belongs on sun kissed beach. Handcrafted in 22k gold plated bronze with pearls these Pods will revolutionise the way you wear and style your AirPods. These little sculptural earrings not only look great but act as little supports, they hold your AirPods in place, catch them if they slip out and most importantly they're a versatile pair of earrings and look super with or without the AirPods on.

Designed so you can effortlessly slip your AirPods in and out of the earrings through the day (you won't even need a mirror), you'll never want to wear your AirPods without them!

Note: The Beach Please Pods work on both the original and Pro AirPods by Apple. If you own another pair of wireless headphones, please check with us before ordering.

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Made in 22k gold plated bronze with pearls.

Dimensions: 0.5cm
Height: 3cm
Weight: 3g

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