Priyanka Chopra wearing MISHO's Paisley shoulder dusters!
MISHO puts a contemporary spin on the paisley motif with an edgy shoulder duster, handcrafted in bronze with a choice of 22k gold or a silver finish. 

Glimpses of the Indian summer - a house full of mangoes characteristic of the season and the scent of the summer fruit wafting through the air. The idea of playing with Paisley - a motif often spotted on traditional saris, which also draws its round shape and tapered end from the summer fruit became inescapable.

MISHO puts a contemporary spin on the traditional motif in classic gold, and edgy enamelled black and white pieces. The collection consists of meticulously handcrafted slender, paisley earcuffs, earrings and choker chains in two sizes.

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Handcrafted in bronze plated in 22k gold or silver and rhodium.

Dimensions: 3.5cm
Height: 13cm
Weight: 13g

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