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Ekaya x MISHO

Growing up,  important moments were often marked by my mother or grandmother giving me a piece of jewellery or a saree from their treasured collections and to me, with time - a saree, a necklace, an earring - these objects came to become the very definition of an heirloom. 

MISHO’s collection for Ekaya is an edit of what we hope become your modern heirlooms. The pieces explore the very essence of what these objects have come to mean to the modern Indian woman. 

Tapping into the ancient silversmithing traditions of Gujrat, a heritage of handwoven brocades of Banaras and a vocabulary of contemporary design, the collection is a rhythmic composition of colours, patterns and interlinking pieces. Drawing from the mesmerising movements of the Garba, a folk dance of Gujrat, a praise of the feminine power of the divine, a blaze of colour and form. 

MISHO’s collection for Ekaya is created entirely from recycled sterling silver and fabric off cuts - the collection is an ode not only to India’s unparalleled heritage of textiles and jewellery but also our often forgotten yet unique age old penchant for sustainability and upcycling.