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Bora Bora Earcuffs

Rs. 6,500.00

Myth: The Polynesian islanders believed that as the moon bathes the ocean in its light, it attracts the oysters to the surface so that it may impregnate them with heavenly dew. Polished by time, these little drops of heavenly radiance cloak themselves in  blue, green, pink and golden reflections that blend to create a single pearl. 

The tales behind pearls are as unique as their forms. MISHO’s new collection Mythologies explores the tales, the myths and the forms of the pearl.

The set of 2 Bora Bora earcuffs are inspired by this Polynesian legend. A line of pearls is set within sculpted metal to create the perfect little pearly earcuffs. 

Available in 22k gold plated bronze or sterling silver.

Dimensions: 1.5 cm diameter (approx)
Material: 22k gold plated bronze/ rhodium plated sterling silver